TRTL Travel Pillow Review

What do you need other than having a shoulder to lean and sleep on during any bus or flight travel?

A Trtl Travel Pillow can act as a companion to provide the peaceful and comfortable sleep in any short or long trips. Today we are going to check out the most popular and highly preferable Trtl Travel pillow in detail below.

What is Trtl Travel Pillow?

I am very clear that everyone might have heard of this Trtl travel pillow if you are looking for the best travel pillow in the market as Trtl Travel pillows are the hottest talk of the town at present.

Trtl (pronounced “Turtle”) Travel Pillow is one of the portable travel pillow or the neck brace with few fleeces that can be wrapped around your neck for having a pleasant sleep. I can assure that neck brace can never fail you in providing the maximum support and comfort for you while sleeping.

Trtl Travel pillow just looks similar to a scarf, and you just need to wrap the brace around your neck and fasten the Velcro as per your comfort.

Who made Trtl Travel Pillows?

The high in demand Trtl travel pillows was invented by two Britain Engineers David Kellock and Michael Corrigan of Coolside Limited. They had an idea of making the product for making the journey more comfortable.

On their website, you can check out the phrase “Trtl Pillows are the mandatory Napparatus points of creative phrasing, ” and a good sleep only can make your travel more joyful.

Trtl Pillow | An Overview

The travel pillow indulges two important parts namely the brace and soft cover, which is essential to provide the maximum comfort during sleep.

The Brace

This part is known as the internal support system, and it’s a plastic piece that has four prongs within them. The top two prongs are designed for the head support, whereas the bottom two for chest and back support.

The brace allows you to relax by putting the whole weight over the pillow, the spring within the brace cradle your head for the comfortable sleep rather than jabbing your neck.  

The Cover

The soft cover of this pillow is termed as the super soft hypoallergenic polyester fleece, and this is the major reason for providing the comfort and warmness during the sleep.

The contact between the Trtl and the user’s skin is reliably high when you wrap the pillow around your neck; this is mandatory for the non-irritating and soft fleece cover.

The soft cover is developed in various attractive colors namely red, black, gray, etc., these vibrant colors provide the premium feel for the Trtl Travel pillows.

The Construction

The brace that is made of high and premium quality plastics ensures the durability and reliability of the Trtl. The fleece wrap is made to be soft, sturdy and can be machine washable so that you can make use of it for various travels.

The velcro straps are developed in a standard way so that it stays snug when it’s wrapped around your neck.

How to Use?

Using the Trtl travel pillow is simple, proceed below to find out, how to use a Trtl travel pillow for the complete support and comfort.

  • Take away the velcro straps and Extend the Trtl Travel Pillow
  • You will find written texts to use the trtl travel pillow to find the area to use around your neck, head, and back.
  • Position your trtl as per your convenience as written in the pillow on the neck and wrap it around your neck.
  • Now fasten the Velcro straps until you feel the trtl pillow to the comfort.

My Experience

I thought I would share my experience along with the Trtl Travel Pillow review!

I would say Trtl is my best companion if I plan for a business travel or any vacation, the comfort and support they provide is incredible, I have used more than 15 times a single Trtl travel pillow, it’s important you take care of them so that they exist longer. I used to wash them every time after every travel so that it exists for years now.

The important thing I like in this Trtl travel pillow is their soft fleece shell, and the lightweight property makes you feel you are lying over a soft pillow. The one thing I found difficult in this pillow is that I found difficulties in using the headphone during wrapping around.

The Benefits

Keeping reading below to find some of the advantages you can enjoy when grabbing a Trtl Travel Pillow for your travel.

  • Machine Washable & Dryer friendly
  • Light Weight
  • User friendly
  • Easy to pack and take with you during travel
  • You can also wrap the pillow around your nose and mouth to protect from germs.

The Drawbacks

There are few disadvantages involved in this Trtl Travel Pillow too!

  • Non-adjustable Internal Neck Support System
  • Difficulties in using earphone while the trtl is wrapped around your neck

Bottom Line

Trtl Travel pillow is a greater boon for the persons who are in need of a greater neck support during their business trip, vacation or any short travels. Grab a Trtl Pillow for you and enjoy the comfort and support provided by them throughout your travels.

Any ideas, queries, and suggestions on Trtl Pillow are welcome!

Have you ever used Trtl Travel Pillow for your Car, Bus or Flight Travel?

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