10 Tips to save your money during this christmas shopping

Overwhelmed by the Christmas shopping and the amount you are going to spend for it?

Don’t worry you are not alone; a recent research study has shown that 40% of the Americans feel much pressure on spending the money during the Christmas or any holiday season. Today let’s check out how can you save your money during the Christmas or any holiday season.

Tips to Minimize the money you spend during the Christmas shopping

Proceed below to check out the tips you can try out to save your money while purchasing Christmas gifts or any items.

Track the items you need

Have a list of the things you need to buy in a spreadsheet so that you can get the product within your budget. If you are in the plan to get things online, then you can make use of the browser extension Invisible Hand to compare the best products. Also, you can use the pricing tools like PriceZombie or CamelCamelCamel, etc. to track the outcomes with less price and high price.

Price Alerts

Make use of the trackif.com if you need to get the alerts about the products to your email if the price of the particular product you marked gets lowered or raised.

Shopping from a cashback site

There are so many cashback sites namely FatWallet, ebates, topcashback, etc. that provides cash back for any particular retailers if you are signing up for the first time with the site. Most of the money back offers 1 to 5 % and up to 20 % on any special occasions.

Email Subscription

Most of the retailer’s offer presents coupons, vouchers and much more for their frequent customers, so subscribing the email list of your favorite retailers is another good option so that you can grab what you need when they provide the offers or vouchers.

Social Media Updates

Checking the social media updates of your favorite brands in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. so that you can get to know the discounts, offers, vouchers, etc. can be easily identified so that you can get less the price you are going to spend during the Christmas or holiday season.

Make use of coupons

If you are bored of subscribing to a ton of email list, you can make use of coupon sites like retailmenot, couponcabin, etc. while purchasing online. You can also make use of the browser extension honey for automating your coupon clipping.

Electronic Gift Cards

Instead of having money in your shirt pocket, make use of your debit or credit card and go electronically. There is barcode generator in most of the mobile, and therefore you can make use of them to redeem the card value in any store or shopping sites.

Leave your shopping cart unattended.

According to the web research, 70% of the online shopping carts are getting abandoned at present, most of the stores will send an email regarding the discounts, offers, vouchers, etc. so that you can get the pricer cart in your Email subscription itself.

Swiping the proper debit and credit card

Get the debit or credit card with highest cash back opportunities; there are some credit cards developed to be profitable for the Christmas shopping or any occasion holiday shopping. Most Of the online shopping site to provide cashback or vouchers for some credit cards and debit cards.

Avoid Shipping Price while Online Purchase

If you have planned to shop online for this Christmas, new year or any other celebration, make sure you are not paying for the shipping as they would cost more. You can add up extra two items to reach the minimum price; you can also prefer to provide coupon code in case of getting a single product with shipping rate.

Bottom Line

Hope the above tips will help in saving your money and time during Christmas and another holiday season online or from the retail store.

Any other ideas to save your money during this holiday season? Share it with us through the comment section below.

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